Healthy living and nutrition

At Westview & Shambles we believe that a lifelong healthy lifestyle starts in childhood. As well as encouraging active outdoor play we promote healthy nutritious eating habits and operate as a sugar free nursery.


Nutrition and Mealtimes

Good eating habits in the early years are extremely important. All our food is freshly prepared on site by our full-time chefs providing nutritious, well-balanced meals and snacks.

We see mealtimes as sociable occasions with staff and children eating together in small groups. The older children are expected to serve themselves, encouraging sharing and discussion about healthy food groups.

We understand that some of our children have allergies or personal family beliefs that need to be catered for. We do this in a way that means they are still very much involved in the social aspect of mealtime. If your child has any specific dietary requirements, please let us know and we can work together to ensure their needs are met.



Cooking and baking

All the children are involved in a cooking activity each week, often contributing to snack time. We use this opportunity to learn about different healthy food groups and encourage the children to try new things.

The older children are encouraged, in small groups, to get involved with the preparation of meals.

Our nursery is a sugar free environment meaning all meals, cooking and baking activities are created using alternative healthy ingredients and the children are encouraged to talk about where the ingredients come from.

The Club children often plan their own menus, buy the food locally and get involved in making the meal.


Fat Fowl Kitchens run by Finn

Sharing a healthy nutritious meal as a family is important. However, we know it can be difficult after a long day at work to get everything prepared on time. We like to offer our families the opportunity to try tasty worldwide cuisine to takeaway. Keep an eye out for the weekly emails to see what can be provided each week. From Coq au Vin to Jamaican rice and peas, truffle risotto to Caribbean fish stew, a world of delectable treats is available from our restaurant grade chefs.

Fat Fowl kitchens also provides outside catering.